Fish Allergy in Chinese


I have a severe allergy to fish


If I eat anything containing fish I will need immediate medical attention

如果我吃了含有鱼 的任何东西我将需要医疗护理

Please can you check if what I have ordered contains any fish ingredients?

请问您能否 检查一下我的订购是否包含任何鱼 原材料?

Please can you help me choose what to order from the menu?

请您帮忙告诉我菜单上的哪些 食物我可以购买?

Are you able to prepare this dish without using fish ingredients?

您可以做这道菜的时 候不放任何鱼 原材料吗?

Please can you inform the chef about my allergy.

请问您是否可以通知厨师我的过敏 原材料